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DABBEL - Automation Intelligence GmbH

DABBEL develops and provides solutions to decarbonise real estate portfolio as quickly as possible by up to 40%. Their AI software solution is frictionless. It can be installed worldwide remotely within 1 week to all existing commercial buildings without upfront costs and hardware. It works as an overlay of current infrastructure and optimises the HVAC control of legacy equipment. In doing so, it reduces energy consumption and CO₂ emissions in the building by up to 40% through Artificial Intelligence.


Brick and Mortar stores continue to be the foundation of retail accounting for 85% of revenue. Yet retailers do not have access to key performance metrics in the same way they do with their on-line business. We capture this data using CCTV cameras, visualize it and automate the response to key events. We offer a portfolio of solutions across Loss Prevention, Store operations and Marketing to reduce operating cost, improve conversion rates and grow revenues.

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InOrbit Inc.

InOrbit is the leader in robot operations (RobOps) at scale. They help robotics companies and enterprises across industries get the most out of autonomous robots. RobOps is a new category at the intersection of cloud and robotics, combining elements of DevOps and People Ops. InOrbit is a cloud-based data platform built specifically for the next generation of automation that provides a level of end-to-end visibility that has not been possible until now. The platform is primarily aimed at efficiently integrating autonomous robots into large-scale processes.

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    United States

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    Service Industries, Cross-Industry, Discrete Industries, Agribusiness

MindBridge Analytics Inc.

MindBridge, helps auditors, accountants, and financial professionals to become more efficient and profitable. From transactional risk assessment to organizational process improvements, users are provided with the AI-embedded tools, visualized analytics, and indepth resources they need for stronger analysis, assessments, and advisory services. Artificial intelligence and industry expertise set the MindBridge platform apart to surface errors, intentional or not. The organization has been recognized by the World Economic Forum as a Technology Pioneer in 2020, and Forbes Top 50 AI Firms to Watch in 2021, for its contribution to transforming the accounting and financial professions’ ability to analyze data. Founded in 2015 in Ottawa, Canada, MindBridge serves customers in the audit and advisory, enterprise, government, and financial institution segments around the world.

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    Cross-Industry, Financial Services, Energy and Natural Resources, Service Industries


QVALON is a simple cloud-based tool for retail chains, consisting of mobile apps and data-driven analytics. Mobile App used by in-store teams (store managers, supervisors) to process checklists, tasks, collect photos and other data. Analytics used by headquarter management team helping them to find the most problem areas and processes.

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